Hybrid Models For Cloud-based Transport Of Data

As organizations adapt to the growing need to transform digitally, they often find themselves more distributed than ever. As a result, the network “center of gravity” is moving to carrier-neutral facilities that help to manage large amounts of traffic and data in hybrid cloud environments. This helps to better manage the challenges of traditional transport models, including cost, restrictions on the number of users, and the need for multiple ports for each cloud provider.

These new hybrid environments, such as those offered by NorthState Technology Solutions, let your organization secure and work with multiple providers as well as keeping some applications in the private data center. They also provide a valuable way to support new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.

With the NorthState Multi-Cloud Exchange (MCX) secure fabric, users can easily and securely reach out to a desired application or data, whether it resides in a local data center, colocation facilities, the public cloud, or through a hybrid model. This helps to ensure optimal connectivity, speed, and agility while mitigating security and downtime. It provides valuable benefits:

  1. Public cloud access can be expensive and traditional carriers often require a different communications link for each cloud provider, such as Google, Amazon, or Azure — a cost that can quickly add up and restrict users for the largest companies. 
  2. Scales with your business and frees up the IT team to focus on company core projects. 
  3. Supports multiple cloud providers across the same subscribed bandwidth, providing a more affordable cloud option with a deeper suite of services including security, redundancy, and quality of service (QoS). 
  4. Offers multiple options to help secure connectivity to the cloud and your enterprise.

NorthState MCX provides improved visibility into data and the ability to troubleshoot even in complex environments. In this flexible environment, companies can also dynamically respond to new markets, users, apps, and business policy changes by deploying new network services within minutes. NorthState offers these services as part of cost-effective plans to suit any organization’s needs.

“We weave security into everything we do from the start, versus treating it as an add-on or afterthought,” said Kevin Wood, vice president of NorthState Technology Solutions.

“This goes hand-in-hand with reliability — we’ve had zero downtime since the founding of our data centers. We are so confident in our offerings that we provide a full guarantee of all professional services.”

To learn more about NorthState multi-cloud exchange solutions, see https://technologysolutions.northstate.net/our-solutions/cloud/multi-cloud-exchange-mcx/.