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Multi-Cloud Exchange (MCX)

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Today’s network is moving toward carrier-neutral facilities to help manage large amounts of traffic and data. In many cases, organizations are adapting to hybrid cloud environments.

The NorthState Multi-Cloud Exchange (MCX) supports multiple cloud providers across the same subscribed bandwidth, including Google, Amazon, and Azure.

Our solution lets you manage users and apps across cloud environments — private, hybrid, public, or colocation facilities — cutting costs and creating a positive user experience.



  • Full suite of services including security, Quality of Service, redundancy, dedicated connectivity, and management
  • Redundant cloud access points to ensure continuous uptime at a lower cost
  • Visibility into data and the ability to troubleshoot even in complex environments
  • Cost-effective service plans to suit your organization’s needs

Lowering costs with a multi-cloud infrastructure

Today’s multi-cloud environments are increasingly carrier-agnostic. NorthState allows you to leverage a more cost-efficient infrastructure:

  • Dynamic and flexible circuit consumption and CNF (WAN, Internet, cloud/partner connections)
  • Lower infrastructure cost and space by virtualizing physical appliances
  • Lights-out data center model with the ability to buy once, wire once, use many
  • Fewer circuits via a distributed provider aggregation layer

Prioritize traffic and workloads

Your organization gains the flexibility to move workloads or enhance services through a direct connection to colocation and as-a-service offerings.

  • A less complex approach to network and platform access
  • Quickly connects users to their desired app or service, no matter where it resides

Respond faster to business needs

By maintaining a secure and consistent presence, your organization is positioned to be more nimble and responsive than the competition.

  • Scale quicker and reduce IT costs and responsibility
  • Consumption of what’s needed by virtually scaling out rather than up

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